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Naked Club presents long-form movies showing Naturist Nudist events and nature outings
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It's just like being there! Join us on our nature trips and events by experiencing our movies! Follow the flow to freedom from clothes and on toward the joys of connection with nature. These long-form videos are a visual expression of being socially nude in nature and at retreats.

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    The Naked Cuddle Experiment

A few years ago we organized a weekend retreat offering various workshops and activities including this group exploration into intimacy through touch and embrace. The class was conducted so that each individual could choose how to comfortably break through their own close contact insecurities while maintaining a non-sexual frame of mind.

This 78 minute movie shows the step-by-step process the facilitator used to guide everyone through a series of permission exercises. The participants are already comfortable being socially nude, but how do they react to physical touch from strangers? Not everyone can relax and open up to new sensations and expressions of affection.   MORE
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